Thank you for your interest in consigning with The Littlest Birds!  As parents of 4 kids, we understand how fast they grow both physically and developmentally.  What was fits, is awesome and useful one minute can become too small, boring or obsolete the next.  Often times clothing and equipment is rarely used at all!  Well, by consigning your old clothing, equipment and accessories at The Littlest Birds you can earn store credit good on anything in the store – new or used – or cold hard cash!  We offer a generous split, a high percentage sale rate, and a laid back atmosphere.  To find out more about our specific consignment terms and policies please read the terms and conditions below.

The Littlest Birds Consignment Agreement Terms and Conditions

The Littlest Birds will accept consignment items between the hours of 11am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. No weekends please.  Please call 828-253-4747 to make an appointment.

Items to be consigned need to be freshly washed, folded and stain/odor free. We will look through one container/bin/box/bag of consignment per visit. Please go through your items before bringing them in to make sure they meet these basic requirements.  Upon dropping off consignment we will sort through your items and take only the things we think will sell.  We do not keep inventory of the items that we accept.

Pricing of consigned items will be set by The Littlest Birds. We do our best to determine a price that is market value and takes into consideration both the interests of the consignor and the customer. Consignment items will be marked down/discounted at our discretion.

Unsold clothing will be donated to charity at the end of the season. Equipment and accessories are donated at our discretion.  Again, we strive to accept only items that we think will sell.  We make our donations to local charities with as direct a path as possible. We do not take your items to Goodwill. Please tell us if you know of a local non-profit that would benefit from our donations.

Any Consigned item that was originally priced by The Littlest Birds at $15 or above will be returned to the consignor or donated at the consignors request. The consignor has a week to pick up items being given back, if the items are not picked up in the one week time they will be donated. It is the consignor’s responsibility to keep their contact information current with us.

Any items accepted for consignment and are later found to be damaged or stained will be donated if possible or disposed of.

The sale of consigned items will be split between The Littlest Birds and the consignor as follows. Consignees receive 50% and The Littlest Birds keeps 50% off the final sale price.  As your items sell a balance will accrue in your account.  We do not keep record of what sells.  Your account balance does not expire.

Consignment balances may be used as store credit on anything new or used in the store.  Justin or Lyndsi can write you a check anytime during normal business hours.  If you are coming to pick up a check we recommend that you call to verify that someone is available to write you a check.  Currently we do not mail checks by default.  The Littlest Birds can mail consignor checks upon request for the cost of postage.

The Littlest Birds does not assume responsibility for or, insure against, theft or loss of consigned property. The Littlest Birds assumes no liability for damages to or destruction of any consigned items.

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