GroVia Hybrid Shell


The GroVia Hybrid Diaper System allows you to design a diapering approach that fits your unique lifestyle. Simply combine the waterproof outer Shell with the absobency product of your choice, including both cloth and disposable options.

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The cloth diaper gets retooled.

Hybrid Cloth Diapers - Shell

Old school just got cool.

The Hybrid diaper is just what it sounds like: a beautifully functional, modern diapering system that can be adapted to suit your needs. Choose from a cloth or eco-friendly disposable Soaker Pad options that attach to a comfy waterproof outer ‘Shell.’ The assembled diaper fastens around your baby just like a disposable. When your baby’s diaper is wet, simply remove the Soaker Pad or disposable BioSoaker from the Shell and replace with a new one. Shells can be worn 2-3 times before laundering again, which positively impacts both your wallet and the environment!


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