Kissaluvs Fitted Cotton Fleece Diaper

Kissaluvs diapers are known for quality fabrics and terrific fit.  Two size system ensures a great fit through out.  The size 0 newborn diaper snaps down to protect the babies umbilical chord and will fit great from 5-15lbs.  Kissaluvs super soft cotton fleece, as with all Kissaluvs products, is made right here in the USA.

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Helpful “ingredients” you will find in Kissaluvs diapers:

  • Beautifully textured fabrics to help contain even the runniest poop
  • Fabric options, including unbleached cotton fleece as well as gorgeous colors
  • Stretchy elastic and fabrics for a snug fit without binding
  • Elastic at leg and back openings to contain messes and floods
  • Sturdy polyacetal resin snaps… easy access for parents, not so easy for curious toddlers
  • Uniquely spaced adjustable wing snaps … snap consecutively or over three snaps depending on your baby’s build
  • Overlapping wings on the ML size to fit even thin babies
  • Unique fit with low-rise front and full coverage in back
  • Absorbent microfiber soakers sewn in the diapers
  • Simplicity of design, especially popular with dads and babysitters!

Size 0 – Newborn

Size M/L – Medium-Large

Size 1 Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers Size 0 Kissaluvs Fitted Cloth Diapers - Galores
  • Fits approximately 5-15 lbs
  • Available in Colors!
  • $14.95
  • Fits approximately 15-40 lbs
  • Available in Colors!
  • $15.95


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