Life Circles Single Wood Ring Nursing Necklace


Nursing necklaces by Life Circles Necklaces are safe and strong necklaces for moms! All Life Circles Necklaces products are handmade with care using natural materials – no plastics or toxic resins!



Why wear a nursing necklace?
*Keeps baby’s hands occupied while breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or babywearing
*Prevents pinching and pulling of caregiver’s hair or clothing
*Distracts wiggly baby during diaper changes
*Soothes sore gums when mouthed by teething baby
*Acts as a comfort item when worn by babysitter or unfamiliar caregiver

This nursing necklaces features a 2.25 inch diameter wooden teething ring and bead on a brown cord. The wood is either Birch or Maple grown in North America.


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